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This Phony Kony Dog Don’t Hunt 

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the Kony 2012 viral marketing campaign being run by a NGO that goes by the name of Invisible Children Inc. The video “Kony 2012” was released on March 8, 2012, and within 24 hours over 30 million Americans had viewed it. Impressive. I was one of those viewers, and I have to say, I got chocked up by the message. This Kony guy must be stopped! What a monster! 
Of course, I wanted to know about what the average shmoo could do to bring this war criminal to justice, so I clicked on the link at the youtube video that took me to the Kony 2012 website. The video was very well produced, and that feeling of professional sophistication was further enhanced by the design and functionality of the website. Nothing overt, but slick, professional production values were obvious throughout. What raised my suspicious nature was the lists of “culture makers” and “policy makers”. Instantly I felt I was being manipulated. Who in there right minds would think that the list of policy makers that include the likes of George W. Bush, John Kerry (skull & bones brothers to the end) and “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Bill Clinton, would do the right thing and take care of this terrible problem. And the culture makers list included such luminaries as Mark Zuckerberg, who said about Facebook users "They trust me—dumb fucks”, the super sexy face of the Council on Foreign Relations—Angelina Jolie, mister-no-spin himself—Bill O’Reilly and, of course, the Bieber. The freaking Bieber!
Suddenly I knew I was being played, as did millions of others that at first bought into the whole slick propaganda campaign. Within 24 hours, the real story about Joseph Kony was coming out. Kony hasn’t been in Uganda or even heard from for over 6 years. In fact, he may very well be dead. His child army of over 30,000 has been decimated to a rag-tag 250 or so and are scattered in 3 other countries. Not much of a threat to Uganda as many people in Uganda have come forth and declared. So, knowing this, I had to ask the question—“Cui Bono”—who benefits from all of this. A bit of digging turns up that Invisible Children Inc. have ties to USAID, who have ties to the CIA. Uganda is very resource rich, with lots of unexploited mineral deposits as does the entire central Africa region. And the Chinese are making huge inroads in Africa. So, the job of this whole Joseph Goebbels operation is to get a foot in the door with more troops in Uganda, and cock block the Chinese from making counter offers. Cui bono indeed.
Now you are probably asking yourself “what has this to do with advertising”, right? And my message is that in order to be believed in today’s ultra connected social media saturated market, you have to be honest. You can not play fast and loose with the truth. I won’t shove any moral lessons down your throat, that’s between you and whatever you hold holy. My point is that if you are not honest with your customers or viewers, they will find out the truth—pronto. Joseph Kony will go down as a modern day equivalent of Emmanuel Goldstein, the nonexistent boogyman and scapegoat from the novel “1984”. Nuff said, lesson learned.